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Can't see any achievements' descriptions on Android app (Oculus Quest 2)

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So, I have Oculus Quest 2, and play Beat Saber natively.

I use Android app to track my friends.

I have a notification that my friend just got a certain achievement from Beat Saber. I am obviously curios what specific achievement that is. 

1. When I click on notification, I am directed to the Beat Saber store page. Is there a way to change this behavior?

2. When I go to my friends, find that particular friend, I see this achievement in his latest activity. I see the name of the achievement and the icon, but not the description of the achievement (usually describing what you have to do to get that). Activity card also mentions that I have that achievement myself (great!, but what did I got it for?). I don't remember those achievements by heart, and I am curious. I tap on activity card. I now see "Details" page about that activity. It mentions achievement name, picture, how many people have got it, some of my other friends that have it, the fact that I have it, but for description, it says: "THIS ACHIEVEMENT DESCRIPTION IS HIDDEN". 

3. Hmm, maybe I can do it from my own profile in the app, at least see the description while remembering the name of achievement. I go to Menu > My profile > Achievements > See all. I noly see 7 achievements on this page, all of them from other games (not Beat Saber). Page cannot be scrolled. I definitely have much more achievements. 


Anything I can change in the settings to improve this experience?


So, social aspect of achievements and getting notifications about friends' activity is pretty broken right now. Is there a community board that tracks feature requests that users can vote for?


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there YanTS1913! We are always thrilled to see our customers interacting with our community! We would love for you to visit to use your voice and let us know what you'd love to see added to the platform!