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Can't view longer synced videos

Level 2
I've had no problem syncing shorter videos on my oculus quest 2. Usually 1-3 minutes long. They sync to my phone no problem and I can view them and edit them in the app. But when I sync videos 5 minutes or longer, it'll sync but I cannot view or edit them in the app. Just shows a signal symbol with an exclamation point. I've attached photos. I've tried logging out and back in to the app but it didn't work. Not really sure what's going on, if anyone else has/had this problem and knows how to fix it please let me know !! Thanks 😄BE302904-CFF2-4F96-A33A-50D996251AEA.png



Level 2


Hi squidboy420! We see both of you are having the same issues. Please try these troubleshooting steps below to see if this resolves your issue.


  • Try uninstalling then reinstalling the app
  • Try doing a factory reset

Please let us know if this worked. 



We hope you find this information helpful! 

Level 2


I have done both but my issue hasn’t changed. My video doesn’t have the Unsync and sync button when clicking the 3 dots icon. Please advise of what I should do. 

Hey, try uninstalling the app again if you still have the issue, I had the same issue, I just had to uninstall the app and it worked for me. Try it out!