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Can you retract a referral?

Level 2

I just got my Oculus and was pretty excited, so I sent some referral links to people I know. I even sent one to my wife just so I could see if sending the link was working and what to do once you got it. I sent 5 so can't send any more. The thing is, those people aren't interested in getting an Oculus but I do know other people who do want one and want me to send a referral link. Is there any way I can cancel the other referrals I sent that I know will not be used, so I can send them to the people who actually do want it?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, we love to see you passion for Oculus! We know you've been spreading the love for the Quest 2 and that not everyone has felt the same way. At the time, we don't have access to cancel any codes for you, but those links are valid for 90 days, so be sure to let those people know that they still have that option for quite awhile!

Thanks for the reply. One other question. It says you can send 5 per month, so will I be able to send them the link on Dec. 1st?

You're welcome! You should be able to if it has been 30 days but for some reason if you have issues you can open a support ticket here and we can figure things out with you.