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Cannot add VISA debit card or Paypal payment method in Oculus Quest 2 Store

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I'm from India and received my Oculus Quest 2 two days ago from Amazon India. However, I'm unable to add my international e-commerce enabled VISA debit card as a payment method. When I try to do so, a pop up appears stating that my debit card is not enabled for international transactions. But I've enabled international e-commerce transactions for my debit card and confirmed the same by visiting my bank - I've actually seen their computer screen also to verify!


I then created a paypal account and successfully linked it with the same card. But when I try to add the paypal payment method in the Oculus Quest 2 store, I cannot get past the "Agree and Continue" button. When I click the button, I get a small floating dialog with Paypal icon, a transparent lock symbol with a close button. When I click the close button and click the "Agree and Continue" button, the whole cycle repeats. Please check the screenshot to see what I mean:

paypal failure.jpgCan anyone here help me with the way forward?


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Volunteer Moderator

Unfortunately India isn't on the Oculus supported region list. At least for headsets, they used to refuse to accept purchases for credit cards that were from unsupported regions regardless of the shipping destination.

So they may be rejecting your visa for the store due to region too.

(I use a visa debit with oculus, but I'm in one of the 23 supported regions)

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That seems strange. I found a youtube video showing successful addition of payment methods by an Indian


The reviews on amazon india website from where I purchased Oculus Quest 2 also indicate that several Indians have purchased games from Oculus store for which they must obviously have added some payment method.


In my case there is no question of shipping the physical device, which I already have. I just want to purchase a few games from the oculus store. How am I supposed to do that?