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Cannot connect headset to phone App

Level 2

Ok so i bought my Oculus Quest 2 headset around Christmas sometime. I didn’t connect my headset to my phone straight away while setting it up cause i didn’t think about it but my headset works and runs fine except now that i’ve got a logged in, set up headset my phone isn’t able to connect to the headset. I’ve tried pairing it through the app but it won’t pick up that the headset exists. im not sure what to do, i want it paired to my phone so i can cast and record my games i play but i can’t connect my headset to the app on my phone. is it impossible to do once I’ve logged into the headset? please reply to this ASAP. Thanks 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there lustufolli, thanks for reaching out! The Oculus mobile app is an important part of the experience, so it makes sense why you would want to pair it to your headset. If you've already set up your headset but it's no longer being seen by the Oculus mobile app, you'll want to try the below steps:

  • Check to make sure your headset is nearby and turned on.

  • Check your Wi-Fi signal. If your signal isn't strong, try moving closer to your wireless router (internet connection device).

  • Make sure that your app is up-to-date.

If your app still isn't picking up your headset, you'll probably want to factory reset so that you can add your headset to the mobile app during initial setup. There's a handy article on how to do this 

Level 3

If you do a factory reset, do you lose all of your games, status,etc that has been acquired? I have done the other suggestions and it still won’t pair with my Galaxy Z flip3.  Very frustrating!!

Level 3

Also, the referrals button in the app is a joke.  Doesn’t even work, so why have it there!??

Hello h2oskigrl, thanks for reaching out. We do not like to hear that you are experiencing any difficulty. If you decide to perform a factory reset, please ensure that you have the Cloud Backup feature enabled to save any data you may want. As for referrals, you may click here for details on how the referral program works. 


Let us know if you need anything else. 🙂