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Cannot find photos taken in VRchat while using Air Link

Level 2

I’m currently having an issue wherein I cannot find photos I took in VRchat. I’ve gone through all the folders pertaining to VrChat or oculus on my C: and 😧 drives and I have no idea where they could be. They aren’t stored on my Quest 2 either, as the files app says it’s empty. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @buttergutzz,


Not finding the action shots you captured in VR? We couldn't be happier that you found Your Community to reach out to for help! We've got the answers to finding your files.


In order to locate your photos, you can try multiple measures to find, view, manage, transfer, sync, and share them below:


  1. Use Oculus TV to view your photos. 
  2. Transfer Pictures or Videos from [Your] Computer to [Your] Meta Quest 2
  3. Try Syncing Media between [Your Headset] and Your Mobile App
  4. Use the "Files" application from your apps list to open, share, or delete files. 
  5. Create a new account with VRChive for VRChat so you have even more access to sharing screengrabs from your virtual crusades!

If you're still not able to find your photos, we recommend first reaching out to VRChat Support.  You can also contact Your Meta Support Team who will handle any potential software issues with great care! 

Level 4

This should be a phone feature like desk and couch, oculus/meta phone!

Hello again @buttergutzz,


We just want to make sure that you're all set up with access to the photos you took in VR. Were you able to create a ticket with Your Meta Quest Support Team? Were you able to find those VRChat screenshots?


In case you haven't been successful in your search yet, we'd also like to share with you How to Access Quest 2 Files on Your PC:


  1. Open the PC Home App.
  2. Connect your PC and Quest 2 with the provided cable.
  3. Put on your headset and "Allow Access to Data."
  4. Open the Quest 2 device drive on your PC.
  5. Open “Internal Shared Storage.“
  6. Find and open "Oculus" and then "Screenshots."

We also want to clarify that if you begin by Syncing Media between [Your Headset] and Your Mobile App, you should also be able to access the photos in your app like @SwooshStackz suggested!


Don't hesitate to reach back out for any further guidance!