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Cannot find/play the movie I just bought

Level 2

Frustration level 11:10...

Will be traveling all this next week and wanted to watch some movies offline on my GO. Figured I'd go the easiest route and buy a movie from the Oculus store, so I did. Now I can't find it and can't play it.

If I search for it, I find the video (Sicario), but try to play & "no network connection" despite there being a +200mbps connection active to the GO and to my phone (which is also connected to the GO and on the same network).

If I bring up Oculus Movies, nothing shows there. "My Videos" tells me to open oculus gallery and it's not there either.

I did a full factory reset on the GO and just reloaded it. Same thing.  Phone app is updated (iphone XR), and it is connected.  Restarted it with no difference

I'm going friggin nuts here. What am I doing wrong?

Edit: Oculus TV just launches a black box/screen. Nothing there that I can remotely do either. WTF?


Level 2
Movie showed up - 4 hrs later...