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Cant Reach Oculus Runtime Services

Level 3
so i boot up my pc, click on icon to open oculus home, and got the message, cant reach oculus run time services. i gave it 15 wm20iu2ro2r4.jpgmin or so reboot try again and nothing. i have never seen this before?
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Level 3
Are we having fun yet!

Level 4
Don't use the "fix" and turn back the date on your PC. You will create more problems than you already have.
Wait for a stable official solution from Oculus.

Level 3

This is a brilliant way to mess up your other installations and will cause you further problems, headaches and anger. DO NOT DO IT.

Oculus has responded in the Reddit thread that they are now working on the issue. I don't care if you chew them the hell out or what, just DONT CHANGE YOUR SYSTEM TIME.

Level 2
I put my computer back a few days and restarted the service in the service management console and now it it working.  See this news link also

Level 3
it would seem that oculus has forgotten us all they have taken our money and dumped us .well thats what it feals like .i also got cant connect to runtime server like someone suggested reinstall so i tried and nope that also dont work .ive messaged surport for help but as this company in the past has proven it one person on on keyboard for us all .and ill be lucky to get a reply this year .with that in mind being so angry.does anyone want to buy a second hand unit with 3 sensors and software that dont work   

Level 5
It’s pretty bad timing considering the Rift has now overtaken the HTC Vive on the Steam Hardware page.

Level 3
when u just got a oculus cus every one said its great to play with but your first day is right away on the forum cus it doesnt work great this ...........

Level 4
If the Runtime Service won't start, how is it going to download the fix?

Level 2
Whenever I am playing a game and I encounter an error, or a server crash, I find nothing. This community is so insanely quick at reporting this sheez. **Claps** Resetting Time since im on Windows 7 😉

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Not only did you guys screw up bigtime by letting a DLL cert expire, it's also been hours for many users unable to use their hardware with no official word from Oculus! Not even a "hey guys we are aware of the problem are working to fix it" Your customers are PISSED. Extremely unprofessional for such a large corporation with such a large user base. Enjoy that brief takeover of marketshare over Vive because people aren't going to forget this or the way you handled it.