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Cant find a pdf with the quest 2 specifications anywhere and i NEED one.

Level 3
hi im sorry this is my first time  on here and on any forum for that matter.
ive searched high and low but i cant find a sheet of pdf with the specifications of the quest 2 and i need it to order one.
as you might have guessed, english its not my native language.
in order for me to buy the  oculus quest 2 i need to register it in my country list of uh ... aproved electronics thingies to import.
im really sorry if im not following the correct proccedure or something but i swear i cant find this ANYWHERE.


Level 12
Seems a bit drastic just to buy a VR headset. Have you checked that Oculus supports your country?
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Dear Oculus, If it ain't broke, don't fix it, please.

Level 3
it is a bit drastic dude you dont even know the half of it, my country customs are the worst.
so in order for me to buy something either bluetooth or wifi i need something along a official pdf with the complete specs.
or as close as i can get, maybe im lucky and they wont actually read it all.

Level 3
i  checked if anybody else did the registering for it ,and actually 2 other people started it but were never accepted.
so im kinda scared , and its all probably because they couldt find the specs of the oculus quest 2.
i bought it from a friend in boston , he bought it for me and we did a sham ebay auction , otherwise i couldt pass it thru my country so i already payed for it and its on its way to miami so i might be screwed at this point.

Level 2
Try this one.