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Cant play games on my Rift S that I can play on my Oculus Quest 2!!!

Level 2

So I bought a Oculus Quest 2 and a couple weeks later I bought a Rift S, so today I was in the process of downloading games from my OQ2 to my Rift S. And I found out that It was showing up that I hadn’t bought some games that I had on my quest!!! Such as SuperHot VR and Yupitergrad, but i was on the same account that I had on the OQ2. Now I had bought SuperHot and Yupitergrad but it was saying I had to pay for them...Please help me out with this so that I can play both my games on Rift S and OQ2.


Level 8

This is a common mistake that people make. The games for Quest are Android apps and the games for Rift are Windows apps.


Some developers allow you to "cross buy" the apps where if you buy on one platform you get it for the other. Other developers have decided that since they had to develop two versions, they should charge for each one.


Here is a list of apps that are cross buy. If it is not on this list, you will have to buy it again for the Rift. Sorry.

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