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Cant pull windows from Oculus Dash desktop and pin in VR view anymore?

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It used to be that I could point and grab windows from the Oculus Dash virtual desktop and move them onto the VR view, and then pin them in place so they would stay when I returned to my simulation.

Since the update over the weekend (Dec 14) I no longer am able to do that. Did the buttons or interaction change?

It used to be that you would use the point and then grab buttons, but now that seems to want to move the entire desktop - not just the individual application window.

Here is a video to help illustrate what I'm seeing.


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Hey there,
Go into the settings (button on the Dash panel), in the Experiment tab you should be able to activate the "pull windows" function. Although for many people that function has been greyed out.

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Thanks for pointing that out.  The radio button for the pull out feature is there but it is disabled and will not turn on.  The feature worked before.  Why would it be disabled now?

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Do you have a free port on your GPU? That feature requires an empty port, as it basically makes the computer believe something has been plugged in.

Otherwise, I have no idea ^^'. Time to ask Oculus Support (and hope that they give a satisfying answer... that rarely happens though xD).

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Same issue here, 

I own Oculus Rift only for Flight simulation in P3D v4.4. This computer normally run 6x 22'' monitors on 4 port (1 of them is connected to a Matrox Triple head to go.with 3 other monitors).
 When I use the Oculus rift, I need to disconnect 2 monitors to get a descent FPS in P3d. Since the last update this week, the Oculus keep the pinned desktop in VR for 10 second max then it goes black in VR  2-5 sec then comeback without the pinned desktop. 

I Also made the MISTAKE to buy another GPU to be able to run the 6 monitors on the 1080ti and the oculus only on the 1060 but it seems like the Oculus software can't handle 2 GPU with multiple screens. Oculus need to be on the same GPU of the primary display. 

Flyinside P3D is sill incompatible with the new update P3d v4.4 and it might take some time before we get and update. 

The 'experiment dash pull windows' is also grey out so I can't enable the "new' feature.

Hopefully this will be fixed soon, hopefully this year ! 

Is there any way to go back to the older Oculus Rift version until this beta release goes official ? I have the Beta experiment disable to void any undesirable programming test.

Thanks for the support,

-windows 10 pro v1809 
-i7 7700k
-32 GB Ram
-2 x M3 SSD
-1 x 1080ti
-1x 1060

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Same exact issue I have the same exact issue.  I can only grab the entire desktop.  Before I could grab a window.

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Same issue here, experiment slider greyed out. Of course when i would NEED the feature.
i9-9900K@ 5GHz, ASUS Rog Strix 2080 Super OC , 32gb 3466MHz DDR4, ROG Strix Z390 E Gaming, 1 x Inateck 4 port USB 3.0 card, 2x3.1, USB, 6x3.0 USB on mobo, 1x USB-C on G-card, Reverb G2