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Casting Quest 2 to Chromecast with Google TV

Level 3

Can't see this specific issue has been asked before, so hoping someone can help.  I am trying to cast from my Quest 2 to my new Chromecast with Google TV.  The Quest can see the Chromecast device, and when I select to cast to it, it says "sending request", then 3-4 seconds later, fails with a cast/streaming error.  I can cast from Quest to iPhone app, and from iPhone to Chromecast, just not Quest 2 Chromecast.  As mentioned, it can see it in the device list, so is on the same network, etc.  Any help greatly appreciated.

Level 2
Having the exact same problem. Could not get Quest 2 to stay connected to Google TV. Fixed it by making my wifi network 2.4 GHz only. However, this seems like a kludge and I am concerned, as I understand that a wireless connection to Steam VR is only possible if both the Quest 2 and the laptop running steam are on 5 GHz. (Just gotthe Quest tonight and have not been able to try it.) I am not sure if this is a google problem or an Oculus problem but it sure looks like an Oculus problem from this end, as nothing else in the house (multiple phones and laptops) had trouble casting to Google TV.

Level 2
I wish I had something useful and positive to add, but just wanted to say I'm also unable to get the Quest 2 to cast to my Chromecast with Google TV for more than a few seconds before it stops with an error. 😕

Level 2
Just received my Quest 2 today. I'm having no luck casting via my 5GHz network either. It will connect & cast for a few seconds then just stop casting. @Oculus, are you listening?

Level 2
Same here. Error after a second. No luck throught both the vr directly or the Oculus app throught my phone. Help with it please.. 

Level 2
Figured it out. If you start from the home screen and attempt to cast it will fail. Start the app/game and press (not hold) the oculus button on the right controller. Cast is on the far right and it worked instantly. Almost gave up as Google and this support trail didn't yield any answers. I do hope this helps anyone.