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Certain websites unreachable

Level 2


when trying to use a specific type of website on my oculus quest 2. it keeps giving me an unreachable notice when trying to connect. I am able to connect and use other websites like google, youtube, etc. I am able to use the website on my pc. it appears that something is preventing me from using these websites. any suggestions on what could be blocking me from reaching these websites?


Level 3

Do you mean like parental controls?  I can't  find anything in settings.  I have had no problems "when trying to use a specific type of website".  I just checked and no trouble with one popular website of a specific type.  Could be yours are more specific? Is the website not recognizing your device?  The PC is one device, and the Quest would be another, a second device onthe same account.  How about your phone.  I gather that the Quest is an Android device.  It is a different operating system.   Odd that it is just the quest 2. One more idea is the server has device specific controls.  Mine al!ows me to control  access at the device level. Sorry I can't  be more specific.  And I may be way off as you are being a bit unsuspecific.  🤓


Level 2

I was hoping to avoid this... But the websites I am having issues accessing would be the ones of the 18+ type. It seems that all adult providers that I have been enjoying for months are now "unreachable". I am 26 years of age and live alone, I did not place any parental settings upon myself.

Level 15

@dabigo24  I have noticed this with a few websites using the Oculus Browser (not porn btw).  Also, a few sites that it does not allow me to login.  I believe that the Oculus Browser does not have the proper security protocols for all websites (although it does seem to be improving with latest Browser updates). 


To get around this you can try using the free FireFox browser from the quest store and try that.  This seems to have given me access to all sites (and allows me to login to them)  that I could not use with the Oculus Browser.


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