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Changelog for Oculus Beta Where?

Level 4

Where can I find the changelog for Oculus Beta


Why this forum doesnt save my login? I have to login manually everytime.


Level 3

Yes, this new approach to not publish any notes to new PTC versions is really annoying. I remember in the past there was a post in the forum with release notes for new PTC versions at least 1 day after release.... But I think starting from v26 there was no information about the changes (if there would be no change also no update would be eligible)
Also with the new forum the missing login is really awful. To I'm still logged in after restart of the browser but the new forum doesn't hold my login.....  Why is a new forum introduced without such standard functions as stay logged in....?!
I'm feeling the official support and publishing of new information in the forum get worse since some time and no one at facebook / oculus cares about any of these posts in this forum!!!

Level 4

If V27 is out, have any Link users that have struggled with V25/26 tried it yet to see if it fixes all the problems introduced with those updates?