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Changing from Party Chat to App Chat on Link Software

Level 2

How do I change from party chat to app chat when using the Link cable with the Quest 2? 


On standalone, this is very simple. I cannot figure out a similar solution when plugged into the link/rift software.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, thanks for bringing this to the community! We understand how fun it is connecting with friends. Let us know if any of these articles help.


How Rift Party works:


Using Parties with Quest 2:



Sorry, this was not very helpful.


In the standalone Quest 2 UI, it is very easy to switch between app and party chat. You just click the switch at the bottom right.


When linked up to PC, the UI changes and it seems the ability to seemlessly swap between app and party chat is gone. 


Is there an equivalent to the Oculus party chat/app chat switch when playing via link?