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Chromatic Aberration Issues

Level 2
Hi everyone! I've received my DK2 today and have been playing around in both the Oculus World Demo and the Demo Scene and I'm noticing a large amount of chromatic aberration towards the edges of the screen. I've been playing around with the settings (IPD, Eye relief, Eye Cups) and nothing seems to help with this issue. In fact I can't even see a noticeable change in the chromatic aberration correction when viewing it using the monitor for reference and picking what I think are extreme values. They all just seem to produce the same correction effect.

Should the IPD, Eye Relief and Cup type change the chromatic aberration correction effect? If so can someone tell me the extreme values that I can choose for a comparison as I'm wondering if this is just a bug and my settings are not being applied to the distortion correctly.

Does anyone else see this chromatic aberration?

Thanks Everyone!
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Level 4
Yup. Same here. I immediately noticed it and it never bothered me on DK1.

Level 2
Yep, same problem.

Level 15
Can you guys take a screenshot and post it?

I'd be interested to know if its happening on the screen or the Rift only.
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Level 5
Also, what is your IPD? Chromatic aberration is optimized currently for 63.5 IPD and eye widths far outside of this value may experience more chroma. Try this. Look through one eye and shift the headset a little left and right and see if you can find a sweet spot. Off-axis chroma is something we need to address in future SDK revisions because the DK2 lens produce so much aberration.

Level 4
"cybereality" wrote:
Can you guys take a screenshot and post it?

I'd be interested to know if its happening on the screen or the Rift only.

My IPD is 66.0mm if the measurement tool is to be believed. I even got a 66.6 measure ( :twisted: ). I consistently got slightly lower results with DK1.

Level 5
I also notice some pretty strong chromatic aberration. My ipd is 62mm.
The eye relief screws are close to 'half way'.
Even fairly close to the centre of the screen there is what looks to me like cr-ab.
This is in the Oculus Config Util demo scene and the Oculus world warning sign. (I have some problems, posted elsewhere)

Not sure if there's any setting I am missing or something I can tweak?

EDIT: Here are some pictures.

IPhone photo through DK2 lens:

Same scene and session screengrab:

Win 8
gtx 660, i7


Level 3
My IPD is 59mm and I see the chromatic aberration too. One lens is blurry as well..

Sucks that the IPD is still not physically adjustable.

Level 7
The more I play with the DK2, the more I think that the red channel is being shifted to the left and down a little bit, regardless of whether it's in the center of the screen or not. It kind of hit me when I was looking at a small yellow ball straight ahead in my view and there's a distinct set of red subpixels to the lower left of it. Then I realized it's like that on everything that has red in it.

Anyone else noticing this? My IPD is 67mm if that makes any difference.
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Level 2
I might be having a similar issue. Much like the red is 'off' like a previous post said. Also, the colors are completely off for me inside of the Rift, but not on the screen:

Demo Scene
In Rift:

On Desktop:

Tuscany has all of the colors really off, also. Do you guys have that, too?