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Chromatic Aberration Issues

Level 2
Hi everyone! I've received my DK2 today and have been playing around in both the Oculus World Demo and the Demo Scene and I'm noticing a large amount of chromatic aberration towards the edges of the screen. I've been playing around with the settings (IPD, Eye relief, Eye Cups) and nothing seems to help with this issue. In fact I can't even see a noticeable change in the chromatic aberration correction when viewing it using the monitor for reference and picking what I think are extreme values. They all just seem to produce the same correction effect.

Should the IPD, Eye Relief and Cup type change the chromatic aberration correction effect? If so can someone tell me the extreme values that I can choose for a comparison as I'm wondering if this is just a bug and my settings are not being applied to the distortion correctly.

Does anyone else see this chromatic aberration?

Thanks Everyone!
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Level 5
I am getting strange green colorization of the whole screen happening now and then.

Not the same as the chromatic aberration though.

Level 2
"brantlew" wrote:
Also, what is your IPD? Chromatic aberration is optimized currently for 63.5 IPD and eye widths far outside of this value may experience more chroma. Try this. Look through one eye and shift the headset a little left and right and see if you can find a sweet spot. Off-axis chroma is something we need to address in future SDK revisions because the DK2 lens produce so much aberration.

MY IPD is 64.1 according to the Measuring tool.
I've tried closing my eye as you instructed and am able to find a sweet spot for the focusing but the chromatic aberration isn't effected much. As I move around the edges blur away so that masks the Chroma issues but it's still there. Plus the Chroma is still as pronounced on the Vertical Axis too which I assume wouldn't be as effected by IPD values. This is why I thought it might be an Eye relief value not being applied or something. Does the Chroma distortion provided by the game/app take into consideration the User profile values? Or is the Chroma distortion a fixed distortion effect?

In general I can't see any aspect of change in the distortion (chroma and barrel) when I modify either the Eye Relief or Eye Cups settings. I can see the IPD and Player Height moving the camera position but the IPD is not changing the Chroma Distortion only the Barrel Distortion.

As to be expected the chroma is most apparent towards the edges and when a white object is involved. For example the paper on the desk in the Demo Room.

I've taken screen shots of the different values to compare but I can't seem to take any useable photo's through the lenses that show the problem. If I remove the lenses the screen underneath is the same as what the preview window is displaying though.

IPD:55 Eye Relief:OUT Eye Cup:A
IPD:75 Eye Relief:OUT Eye Cup:A
IPD:64 Eye Relief:IN Eye Cup:A
IPD:64 Eye Relief:IN Eye Cup:B
IPD:64 Eye Relief:OUT Eye Cup:A
IPD:64 Eye Relief:OUT Eye Cup:B


Level 2
"brantlew" wrote:
Off-axis chroma is something we need to address in future SDK revisions because the DK2 lens produce so much aberration.

Thanks for the info, that explains a lot. My IPD is ~70mm and I get huge amounts of CA as well.

"densohax" wrote:
Sucks that the IPD is still not physically adjustable.

The off-axis-blurryness is much better than with DK1 but physically adjustable IPD would be much better.

Level 2
Hey all,

Huge amounts of chromatic aberration here as well.

Settings: Eye to Neck: Default
IPD: 70.3mm
Enable Personalized Rendering: Checked
Display Mode: Direct HMD
DK1 Legacy App Support: NOT checked
Eye Cups: A
Eye Relief: all the way out

Firmware update was applied (currently at v2.11)

Aberration occurs in DK2, with picture fine at the center and getting worse as it gets out - with Blue on the outside, and Red on the Inside (i.e. when looking down with the eyes, keeping the head fixed, the Blue channel is further down than the Red channel). In the window, aberration is shown (as expected), however with Blue on the inside and Red on the outside, and to much less magnitude than the HMD - implying to me that the aberration is greater than is being corrected for.

I also note blurring being different for each eye when looking to the sides - when looking to the left maybe 30-40 degrees, the left eye is very blurry whereas the right is fine. The same applies when looking right with the right/left eyes respectively. My guess is this is an IPD issue to do with the optics, and can't be fixed.

I'm going to experiment with different settings etc, and will report back if I can find anything which improves things.

Level 2
Update on this.

Changing IPD settings, eye relief: Negligible impact (if any)

Adding DK1 Legacy Support: No impact (with the v0.4 Tuscany or built-in demo)

Changing to Extend Desktop to the HMD: Largely Fixed!!!

So there seems to be some difference in the chromatic aberration compensation for Extend Desktop vs Direct HMD access.

Also, I noticed that the Direct HMD seemed to be pegged at 37.5Hz on Tuscany (Timings ~ 0.6ms, 2.2ms, 26ms), whereas with Extend Desktop I was getting my full 75Hz.

Given this, I highly recommend using the Extend Desktop to the HMD mode at the moment - although I really liked the concept of the Direct HMD access and hope to use it in the future!!

Level 16
Can you guys please list your OS, system specs, and say whether you are using DK1 or DK2?
AMD Ryzen 7 1800X | MSI X370 Titanium | G.Skill 16GB DDR4 3200 | EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 | Corsair Hydro H110i Gigabyte RX Vega 64 x2 | Samsung 960 Evo M.2 500GB | Seagate FireCuda SSHD 2TB | Phanteks ENTHOO EVOLV

Level 3
Win 7 (x64)
R9 290X
16G Ram


Level 2
Using extended mode hasn't made any difference for me.

CPU: i5-3570K 3.40GHz
OS: 64-bit Windows 7 SP1
GFX: AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series

Level 4
CPU: i7-4790K
OS: 64-bit Windows 8.1
GFX: Nvidia GTX 780 ti

Didn't try extended mode yet. Will do when at home.

Level 2
XMG P502 15.6" Pro Gaming Notebook
1 x 15.6" (39.6 cm) Full-HD 1920x1080 Matte
1 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX 4096MB GDDR5 | TDP: 75W
1 x Intel Core i7-3840QM Quad Core - 2.80 - 3.80GHz 8MB 45W
1 x 32GB (4x8192) SO-DIMM DDR3 RAM 1600MHz Crucial
Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) SP1

Nvidia Control Panel configured to use NVidia Processor as preferred, rather than the low power integrated graphics (Intel HD Graphics 4000). I'm wondering if that low power integrated graphics may be causing problems.

Happy to provide a dxdiag or similar.