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Complaint: Purchased products locked to Facebook account

Level 2

When I was.... a lot younger.... I made a Facebook, and thought it would be cool to post party pictures and every fun comment I could think of. Many years later, I now no longer want the people I "Facebook" know, or anyone else, to have access to those pictures, and neither do I want to go and remove everything that "doesn't fit my image".

Instead I decided to delete my Facebook account´. Occulus is of course connected to Facebook, and therefor my products are bound to my account.

I made a support ticket, asking for help in transferring purchased products into a more private Facebook account, but to my shock, Occulus refuses this service. 

So I can now choose to go back to my first Facebook account, which I am personally very much against for multiple reasons, or make a new account and lose access to my purchased products. 


This is very unsatisfactory, and sadly, until they change that policy, I will not be buying my VR sets from Occulus.

Sincerly, my new Facebook.


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Did you get results? I’ve lost all my purchases as well and Oculus refuses to credit me. My purchases were made in the last 2 months. All gone!

No, apparently it is their policy to not allow products to be moved, they can help you get access to your facebook, but you are forced to continue having said facebook account. And if you don't want the facebook account, you lose out on your products too.