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Level 2

Okay - I think it may be me.  But, I am having a tough time figuring this out.  I thought I was tech savvy. Now I am not so sure.  I did the whole set up and linked my facebook account.  Now I try to go into something simple like supernatural or other free apps.  But I can't seem to get into the actual app.  I don't know what I am doing wrong.  I see all the apps across my view and when I try to go into any of them, it doesn't allow me in.  I am not sure if i should be doing something on my smart device or am i just missing something.  Any help would be appreciated.


Level 12

So supernatural isn't a "free" app there is a subscription that is associated with it.  Its like 10 a month to use.  Yes its free install on your headset but you need to create an account within it.  A lot of the free apps require a subcription.


When you put on the headset does the app launch?  Or is there an install note on the app.