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Constant lost tracking / lost guradian since v30 update

Level 3

As subject states. Never had any issues with my quest for months. Since v30 I cant play a game for more than a few minutes without Lost Tracking and Lost Guradian. And before I even have chance to re-draw my guardian boundary it loses again and repeats so cant play. This doesnt matter if im on Link, Air link or standalone. Doesnt matter which room I play in. Controllers are full battery and so is headset. Its 100% a software issue as started from literally the day v30 released.


Ive emailed support and just got your basic **bleep** reply that a monkey would know 'restart device, try changing rooms blah blah' none of which worked. Im surely not the only person experiencing this?


Level 3

Tracking for me is unbearable since at least v28 on all 5 of my Oculus Quest 2 headsets, with v30 it has become worse - now everytime i lose tracking i need to redraw the guardian.


There's also a new issue with wifi on v30. I ocasionally lose connection during gameplay, which sucks especially for multiplayer games, also sometimes after bringinhg the headset from sleep mode...

Level 3

Same here. v29 and v30 constantly drop tracking and need to recenter or to redraw guardian. Isn't this known and being fixed??? I'm surprised because all my friends are reporting the same so I figured Oculus is on it. 

Any comment from the Oculus team on this?

Level 2

Hadn't use my headset for a few days. Turn it on and I'm having the same issues, tracking is messed up every where. My menus are flopping all over the place and I can't even draw a guardian cause it goes to tracking lost. Come on Oculus get this fixed this is ridiculous!

Level 3

Can somebody from Oculus acknowledge that this is a known issue? 

Level 2

V30 bricked my set this way. I'm so angry!!  

Why is this not talked about more??? Oculus Quest 1 works perfectly, when Oculus Quest 2 constantly dropping tracking. I think it's because of the more "advanced features" in Oculus Quest 2. Can ANYBODY give any clarification?

Level 4

Same here, also mainly since the V28.
The first issue I encountered was the lost tracking boot loop issue, I wasn't able to reach the home environment.
I had to relaunch my headset more than ten times to reach it.
It occured during some days, even with the V29 update.
Since then it still occurs sometimes, but after some boot loop, I can reach my home environment.
And I also encounter the lost tracking during games, Arizona Sunshine or Half-Life : Alyx for instance.

Level 2

We are now in version 35 and the problem still persists. Oculus does nothing about this.