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Control smoothing issues on Oculus Link and Air Link

Level 4

I am still impressed with the performance of Air Link, especially in the simracing games of which I am a regular.


But I have run into a serious problem when it comes to playing games where grip and quick touches are necessary.

Shooting games like Contractors VR.


Picking up and throwing objects is very imprecise and tricky, and when you try to shoot quickly with semi-automatic weapons, some of the pulsations are lost.


This has never happened to me with Virtual Desktop, so it is a problem that only happens to me with Air Link


The problem is widespread and occurs with both Cable Link and Air link. It also affects a multitude of other games as I could see in the following Reddit thread:


Is there a way to reduce or eliminate this smoothing of the controls?

Any settings that I can disable?


I am very excited about Air Link in simracing, but in this other type of shooter it is very infuriating and I prefer Virtual Desktop, which works very well for me.


I would like to use Air Link for everything and forever.


I leave you a small video where you can see the problem discussed.




Level 4

Almost a week after posting this post, which has apparently been seen by some people, still doesn't have even a single answer, as more and more users are realizing the problem when using Air Link with games that require grabbing, throwing, or press the trigger repeatedly.


How to interpret this silence?

  1. We did not know, we are watching what happens.
  2. We knew about the problem, but we don't know how to solve it.
  3. We knew it or we didn't know it, but we don't care anyway.

Maybe it's just my thing, but the great illusion I felt when trying Air Link in simracing vanished when trying other games and that is why I continue to use Virtual Desktop for all of them, while I wait for an answer, a simple "we are working on that" or a "That's right and it will never be solved" would be fine, I don't know ... something no matter how small.



Level 2

Same problem here. Dont know how to fix it, please help us

Level 2

We hope that it will be solved soon, there are many of us with the same problem.