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Controller tracking delay in all steamvr games.

Level 3
I have been experiencing weird controller tracking delay in all of the steam vr games I've been playing.

On pavlov for example I notice my hands lagging behind my real life hands. And when I open the oculus over lay and move my hands the oculus home overlay shows my hands moving real-time while I can still see my hands in game lagging behind. Switching to the oculus sdk for that game gets rid of the issue completely.

 Hell even when I open the steam overlay with the gray oculus controller hand it's moving in real time but the game hands are lagging behind. Its only happening to my hands in game. And it's fucking frustrating have that delay. Is there anyone who is also encountering this? And if so is there a fix for games that don't have and oculus sdk! 

Level 2
same here

Level 2
Likewise... I can't play any twitch shooters in Steam. 

Level 2
So nobody has found a fix yet?

Level 5
There is definitely an issue with SteamVR. I bought my Rift S in may 2019 and the controllers tracking is still weird in SteamVR environments and games. I reinstalled W10 several times and my controllers are still stuttering. Same with my Quest (Link). It's not only controllers, every stuff I pick is stuttering too. When I come close to a wall and translate to right and left, the movement is quite glitchy... Playable but this is not as smooth as WMR for example. I don't understand why Oculus or Valve don't seem to bother fixing this issue.
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Level 2
Having the same issue. Doesnt matter if its wire or Virtual Desktop... still looking , if i find anything ill post it

Did you get anywhere?

Level 2

Same issue there with Link / AirLink. I think it might be a steam VR issue.