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Controllers Can't Connect With Quest2 + Screen Keeps Blinking (even after factory reset)

If you have resolved this issue on your Quest2 before, please help me. Please.

It was working fine the first 2 days after unboxing (Jan 08 2022)

Problem : It repeatedly has the tracking lost issue, popping up, screen blinking non first, controllers vibrate together

Actions taken to solve / fix the issue :

  1. Cleaning the cameras infront

  2. Adjusting that eye support rubber silicon thing

  3. Taking out the batteries of the controllers, putting it back only when the Quest 2 fully loaded in

  4. Switching it on in different areas with different lighting

  5. Going back to the same area I drew the guardian

  6. Unpairing controllers via oculus app

  7. Updating it via factory reset

  8. Factory Resetting it and it screen still blinks, asking me to set up the controllers.

Ticket support was helpful at first, but when I was about to send in for repair.
They said that my warranty wasn't applicable because it wasn't under the list of "Supported Countries"
The support staff recommended I send it to someone within the list of supported countries to help get this Oculus fixed. -_- "
I'm in a country where they have a Facebook (meta) HQ office and while Mark Zuckerberg is constantly posting about Quest2 and Metaverse, unfair issues like such are happening.

If you are facing the same issue, or from the media, please do share this post, people who are not within the list of these "supported countries" need to be aware about the warranty issue + common controllers problems like what I am going through. #Singapore

Really lost now with what to do moving forward, so lost.