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Could it be the gyro?

Level 4
So with some people having tracking issue with touch got me thinking what if its the gyro Oculus used, which has led me to this theory. Looking at the Ifix it tear down the gyro that touch is using is an mpu 6500. Now when moving your hands to fast the leds smear and the controller falls back on imu data for tracking, the problem with doing this is the mpu6500 gyro chip they are using. I fly rc quad copters (drones) and have one of these gyro's in my flight controller and its crap. Any vibrations cause it to freak out and make my quad twitch, the problem was solved by softmounting my flight controller so vibrations from the quad wont interfere with the imu. Its such a problem with these imu's I will not buy a fc with one in the future. I wished they would of used a different gyro. 

Level 5
Good thought, but I cannot imagine the touch is subjected to anywhere near the same amount of vibration as a quad (both frequency and magnitude).  The fact that soft-mounting it fixes the problem suggests the touch should be fine since your hand is essentially a soft mount.
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