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Customer Service Issues - Horrible

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Anyone else having issues with inane customer service responses?  Or lack thereof?

I ordered an Oculus quest 2 as well as the Case/Headband/battery combo.  When we got the items I noticed that the zipper on the case was broken.  I immediately contacted customer service via chat and, per their request sent them photos of the broken case/zipper as well as the serial number of the Headband serial number and the order number that they requested. Guy says no problem they will send me out a new case.  
A couple days later I get an email that says they need the serial number to the headset.  I replied with the serial number to the comfort headband that was in the combo package.

They reply back that they need the serial number to the oculus 2 headset which didn't make any sense to me since that was not the issue.
I reply back with the serial number to the Oculus (what they ask for despite the fact that it is not related to the complaint).  
They reply back saying they need to "look into it further" before they can assist. 

This has been going on for the last two weeks.  

It's like they are simply trying to get me to give up so they don't have to replace the broken case they sent me.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, thanks for your feedback. We apologize for the delay. At Oculus, it is our mission to serve every customer with great customer service. We apologize for extreme hold times. Due to the Holiday Season and COVID, we are experiencing delays with shipment order processing. Please bear with us as we work diligently to expedite processing your shipment order. Thanks for your patience. All the best! 🙂

same opinion , horrible Service , 3 hours trying to Exchange my 30€ , and NO WAY to get help !!! 
i finally sent an email because i’d like you read the conversation and help me !!! 

Why it is so difficult to use a coupon ??????? 

Hello Yvila! We've found your support ticket, and we want to see if we can help clear this up for you. We see that you have 30€ in store credits that you would like to use. In order to use it, you have to add a default payment method to your account first. When you go to checkout, please either add a PayPal account or a card as a payment method. Once this is done, you can complete your order and your credits will be used to pay.


After you make your purchase, please watch your account for a day or two to make sure the credits were used. If you have any questions after making your purchase, please reach back out to your original support agent. We hope this information helps.