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Customer support no help

Level 2

I have a 20+ thread with support each reply a different person. I have told them I did power push 30 sec no power to head set. They say do a hard reset. I say I did. They say try new cord I have 2 and 3 boxes and a laptop. Ugh I have money invested in games and subscriptions. And can’t use my head set. Please point me to someone WHO CAN HELP. 


Level 5

The trick is basically to


- repeat every step you already did in every reply (sometimes I've got the feeling they don't read old messages and keep asking for details you already gave them three times)

- write in english (they translate your text to their foreign language and their text to your selected language anyways - which really stands out because of the strange way of speaking in most of the replies)

- write very clear and unambiguous (sometimes there is a problem with language comprehension and translation - see above)

- tell them what you expect them to do and why

- if you think you're stuck with one support person, ask to  "discuss the case with the colleagues", which may lead into getting a supervisor on the line


I'm currently in the "support-hell" too and my reply count (from their and my side) is "14" and I'm currently waiting for reply "15" but I'm confident that this time it's actually the final solution of my problem.


But you never know.

I don't know if they delay it on purpose and hope for people to stop trying it.

Just keep it on and stay polite. In the end you'll find help.