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Dash Virtual Display doesn't appear - Keyboard & Tear-Out Windows No-Go. [AMD Vega]

Level 4
So I've searched to the best of my ability but I cannot find any results that answer my query.  For some time now, my tear-out windows and keyboard in Dash no longer work.  They give only the "!" or a Blank window.  Furthermore, no virtual display appears in my Display settings.  All of the existing threads on this issue are people who have Nvidia cards - but I have a AMD Vega 64.  I have tried both the beta and release channels and have Core 2.0 beta enabled.  I have tried a repair install to attempt to fix any issues with my Oculus Home install.  However, the problem persists.   I should mention I'm only running a single 1440p display, as I know others have had this issue running 3 or more displays, yet I am using just one.  Has anyone else encountered this, and what can I do to resolve it?  

System Specs:  Windows 10 Pro (latest Creators update), AMD Ryzen5 1600X, 16GB RAM, Vega 64 using driver 18.7.1;  Oculus

Level 5
I can confirm that the Dash virtual keyboard no longer comes up. The panel shows the exclamation mark that usually comes up when administrative rights are required. The virtual keyboard *does* display on the desktop and when I hover over the panel in Dash, I can see the keys being highlighted on the desktop.

This happened before last night's update, BTW. And the update didn't fix it.

I'm using a GeForce GTX 1070. Still on Fall Creator's Update.