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Dead pixels, waiting for replacement

Level 3

Hi all,


Just wishing to document my experience of buying a Quest 2 so far.


I ordered a new Quest 2 from Amazon UK and received it on 25th February..


Late on 27th February, I notified Oculus Support of an issue with a line of dead pixels running down almost the entire length of the right screen. I used the live online chat feature to report the issue. The support representative was helpful but there was some confusion over how to export a screenshot from the Quest 2 to my PC.  He repeatedly told me to e-mail him a screenshot without giving any guidance on how to transfer the screenshot from the Quest 2. I eventually figured out I could post a screenshot to my Facebook homepage and save it from there, but it was not obvious initially and there was no hint of what I should be doing from the support representative.


I was issued an RMA on 3rd March and received labels to print and deliver to my local DHL centre. I dropped the Quest 2 off for delivery on 7th March.


I received confirmation that the Quest 2 had been received 11th March (presumably at the service centre in Czech Republic). The confirmation said to expect to wait 2-3 business days for processing.


It is now 22nd March, 7 business days since Oculus last contacted me.


So, to summarise my experience: dead pixels happen; support is good but not great; expect to wait a while for a replacement.


Aside from the dead pixels, my brief experience of using the Quest 2 was extremely positive. Very impressive tech that worked smoothly out of the box; and using Oculus Link to play games from my Steam library seemed to be working well with a 3rd party (Anker) 3m USB cable.


Level 2


Have you got a replacement with no issue?


Thank you

Yes, a replacement arrived in early April and so far has been working perfectly.

The fact that they issued you a replacement is surprising.

Level 3

I'm not sure how often they issue replacements. It was pretty quick after I uploaded a photo (showing a bright red line running down the entire screen) that I received an RMA notification. I guess they thought it was a relatively serious problem.