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Disconnection Display Port

Level 2

I have bought an Oculus Rift s and I have the issue were the display port cable keeps disconnecting and this is very frustrating. My unit was bought in 23rd June 2020 and this is happening often. 


What should i be doing.  I also have a few flashing white dots when in the menu or in the BBC Space Walk and considering your in space there shouldnt be many dots floating around. 


Level 4

I had a similar issue, alternating between this issue and the controller tracking breaking. You can see many examples of this in the Rift S forums.


I contacted support (mine was bought in Nov of 2019) and they have told me that they refuse to repair, replace, or support the device any further since it is outside of warranty (even if I pay for it, won't even sell replacement parts).


Unfortunately like me you are likely now in the same boat, your device is now a paperweight. Oculus does not care.


You'll probably need to start looking for a different headset sadly (I for one will definitely not consider Oculus again but you do you), you can try going through support as I did but from what I have seen everyone else is getting the same response. It probably doesn't hurt to try in case your issue is different, but it doesn't sound like it (it sounds like the cable as many others seem to be experiencing) could have an issue.