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Display in both eyes is dark

Level 2
I've had the Rift since the beginning of June. Yesterday everything was fine, but today when I put it on the image in both eyes was too dark. I'm still able to see and play most games, but it's very hard to see what's happening in already-dark parts of games. The only other thing I've noticed with the headset recently is that it will come on and start the Oculus software even if I'm not wearing it or near it, as if something is setting of the sensor. I mostly play Echo Arena, which causes the cable to get twisted regularly, so I'm hoping it's a cable issue. My logs are attached.

Edit: I have tried unplugging the Rift cable at both ends, thoroughly straightening it, and making sure it was secure on reattaching.

i7-6700K @ 4GHz
GTX 980ti

Level 16
Sorry about that. Can you please submit a support ticket? Thanks.
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