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Does oculus support exist?

Level 3

I created a ticket 12. of february because asgard's wrath won't install. The 16. of february, they ask for my oculus log, which I send the same day, haven't heard anything since then. Even when I ask for updates.
I created a second ticket asking what's going on the 24. of february, which I still havent heard anything from.

Is it possible to get some assistance soon? 


Level 12

whats preventing from installing it?  Does it give you a reason?


What i find if i have a problem installing something, is i will do the following:

open task manager

close out anything oculus in services and apps (o -symbol)

re open the oculus app and try to install again.

Level 15

Asgard's Wrath needs like 250GB to download and install. 

If the download is disturbed for more than a few seconds it will terminate. 

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I have already done the solutions sundeste on forum with shutting down apps.. changing install directory.. reinstalling oculus.. signing up for public list.. and had 315 GB disc space.. have deactivated firewall and antivirus.. just says "Sorry could not install Asgard's Wrath. Contact Oculus support to get help" aften the 80gb download.. and then i have to start download from scratch..

In the earlier reply you can see what i did.. and had 315gb disc space.. No interruptions in the download

Level 2

I have tried contacting CS(customer support) 4 or 5 times now and two work tickets , not one response. I got the Oculus Quest 2 256 gb storage. I have an issue with installing the pc app! won't install . I keep getting the message not enough space on the hard drive. There is 800 gigabytes free on C:. I tried other drives (as directed by the trouble shooting) , still no luck. I get steam vr  and side quest to work but oculus link is a no-go.  for such a good product, what piss  poor service.

After a month of waiting, and two tickets, I'm now finally in communication with their support.

And it seems that once they actually start responding to you, it dosn't take a month between replies luckily.
I do agree, however that they desperately need to address their support department.

Hope they answer one of your tickets soon.