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Double vision in left eye

Level 2
Hi guys i am experiencing problems in the Oculus home. i am seeing double of everything in my left eye and the right does not have anything.
I have gone through and reinstalled everything. It was working fine until 2 days ago. Maybe an update stuffed something up? Or could it be a setting issue?


Level 3
Same issue. Looking for a fix. But starting to look more and more that only Oculus can fix this with another update.
Are you using GTX 780 or 780 TI by any chance?
I'm guessing that oculus update messed something up with older GPU's.
Kind a stupid that they support GTX 960 as a minimum requirement when GTX 780 TI is around 50% more powerful.
My friend just bought a vive and he has a lot older GPU than i have, no issues there. Software warns him that his GPU is old but games still work.
Looking at the forums i see people have new "supported" GPUs and still have problems installing oculus or starting it.
I bought oculus rift because i thought this was a finished product and read that many people were using this with GTX 780 TI without any issues.
Vive starting to look like a lot better option now.

Level 2
Same issue, running GTX Titan. Going to keep looking, but I'll leave an update here if I'm able to come to any helpful conclusions.

Level 2

Same problem also on my computer, unfortunately for now I use the GTX 760 waiting for the GTX 1070.

Level 4
 I’m having the same problem this is going to kill Oculus with its sales for  Christmas .

Level 3
Mine is doing the exact same thing. It was fine even with the new nvidia update last week. Fridays Oculus update apparently caused this. i7 with a GTX 780 , users with Titans reporting the same problem

Level 2
I'm having the same problem too. I did send it a ticket with the diagnostics attached to support so hopefully it gets fixed soon.

Level 2
Im having the same problem since the last actualization

Level 2
I have the same issue. Seemed to have happened after the new update, however I wasn't using my rift often prior to the update so I have no way to know for sure. I'm running a GTX 750ti (I know, I know. I'm getting a 1070ti soon shush) and an AMD Ryzen 5 2600 CPU. It only seems to affect the dash system itself, and after about 10 seconds the right-eye screen flips on and the world looks fine... ish. the dash only shows up in my left eye, but there is two instances of the dash. If I load up a game however, everything seems to work fine, unless I press the home button. When I press it, the dash appears, but then almost immediately crashes and I can no longer interact with my game. Whats weird is that other players say they can still see me move when this happens, but I can't see my player's body or interact. (I can still see everything around me in the game though.) I have to restart all oculus services for it to fix itself (However only temp.)

Level 2
I'm having the exact same issue as OP. I have a 780ti. I'm about to open a ticket. I hope this will be sorted soon.