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Double vision in left eye

Level 2
Hi guys i am experiencing problems in the Oculus home. i am seeing double of everything in my left eye and the right does not have anything.
I have gone through and reinstalled everything. It was working fine until 2 days ago. Maybe an update stuffed something up? Or could it be a setting issue?


Level 2
So update to the problem: It's the GPU
I had a GTX 950 that I never used and swapped it with the 760 I had in my pc at the time. The issue went right away. So right now the solution is to either wait for Oculus to patch the issue or to get a newer GPU. It really sucks, but that's what it looks like

Level 2
I'm sorry but getting a new GPU is a ridiculous suggestion. There is nothing wrong with the performance of the card. It only affects the menus in Oculus. It's just something they need to patch. I've opened a ticket but no reply but I don't expect one as there are others in this thread who have also opened tickets.

Level 7
It won't be the GPU, it'll be the exact driver/Oculus software path that certain GPUs use.
My GTX970Ti is fine.

Level 2

Not sure about the judder for me, but I definitely get ghosting.

What gpu do you have?

There was an Oculus update a month or two ago where they said it fixes an issue with ghosting on AMD cards (IIRC).

I have an AMD R9 290, but it didn't fix it. Unless that update was for home 2.0 beta which I am not using.....

I love my Rift, use it almost everyday for hours on end in the evening, and its a fricken mind blowing piece of tech, but man, it has come with so many issues for me. Mostly my own PC issues nonetheless, but still hasn't been a totally smooth experience. Gen 2 will likely fix that in most ways. Ultimately my PC probably just isn't up to the task as much as I would hope it is, but setting up tracking sucks.

see  :

Level 3
Same issue here with Oculus Dash. Background and menu panel are both rendered in the left eye and overlapping (the front panels are not affected though, they are still rendered ok in both eyes). Oculus Home and my VR Apps are running also ok.
This bug looks like a simple inadvertent wrong LR layer switch for rendering. So this is looking weird and annoying at the moment. This happened last week or so with the last update. I have a GTX780. I also have a 2nd PC with GTX 960 and doesn't have the issue.
Everything was running fine and smooth before that last problematic Oculus update.
So, for this spotted specific bug affecting GTX780, we all need a simple fix for that in the next Oculus update.
Thank you.

Level 3
With the Nividia GTX 780, I uninstalled/reinstalled both Nividia driver (older & latest version) and Oculus setup, these steps didn't solve the issue of wrong Left/Right eye layer rendering for Oculus Dash. 
I noticed that if I enable the setting "VR layers" (in the Graphics panel) than Right eye gets totally black because all layers (panels+menu+backgroud) are rendered in the Left eye (and overlapping). When this one is disabled, only the front panels are rendered ok in both eyes.
This is definitely a layer rendering switch bug affecting GTX 780.

Level 2
pareil pour moi j ai un tri sli gtx titan 
j ai tous désinstaller et réinstaller toujours le même problème
peut ton revenir a la mise a jour antérieur sur oculus ?

Level 2
This is also happening to me. My gpu is a GTX 780 Ti (MSI card) and everything was working just fine until recently.
What I've tried myself:
- Reinstall Oculus Software (also removing folders in appdata)
- Connect Rift and Sensor to different usb ports
- Upgraded to Windows 10 1809
- Tried a couple of different Nvidia drivers

Other relevant specs in my system:
- Intel Core i7 4770K on stock speeds
- 4x4 GB DDR3 RAM by Crucial
- MSI Z87-G45 motherboard

Nothing so far has worked and I've sunk hours into troubleshooting. Games still mostly run fine, though I run into more performance issues and I can't reset my view because the Oculus Software is really bugged. I hope a fix will be out soon, because my gpu was performing just fine and I didn't have the intention to upgrade just yet.

Level 3
Hoping support would reply something after the holidays.
This is really a make or break deal for me.
If they can't fix this, i can't trust oculus in the future not to release another update that will just stop working with my GPU.
They have a compatibility tool i used before buying rift and it passed all checks.
Like i mentioned in some other topic, i'll wait around mid January and if still no response from support regarding this issue. Oculus will lose a customer and vive will gain one.
At that point i won't care if they fix this later or not. Just too bad and slow support for my liking.
What i mean by response from support, not to my personal ticket that i opened. They replied to that next day but almost robotic, very generic response. "Have you checked your HDMI pins, removed adapters and extensions, also you're GTX 780TI does not meet the minimum requirements"
Yes, yes and yes, i know now but it passed you're compatibility check tool.
Also noticed, beat saber used to have no fps issues, now has random fps drops after the update.
Same thing as faraga, can't reset view because oculus will crash.
Also big beat saber update few weeks ago fixed sensor issues but are now back with this update.
I used to lose one of my sabers at mid song, big beat saber update came and this almost never happened again.
Now it happens pretty often again. Probably related to the performance issue, dropping frames and how oculus is running in the background.

Level 2
my setup is almost exactly as most people here, and it seems pretty clear the only problem is something in the recent oculus update that effects specifically the GTX 780 and GTX 780 TI. This card is way more powerful than the minimum requirement and has been capable of VR for some time. This feels more like a forced push to update hardware that is more than capable of running the software. After hours spent on troubleshooting, and no solution in sight this might be a deal breaker for me and the use of the rift. might just return the headset if this continues to be an issue.