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Drop down menu for sorting apps invisible

Level 2

Love the quest 2 but I'm not a big fan of showing "all" apps (even apps/demos that I've chosen to delete) and I dislike having my latest opened app first. Therefore I'm a big fan of the drop down menu for sorting the apps to only installed and in A-Ö order.

But lately those menus doesn't show when I click them, it's like they are there (I get haptic feedback in my controller when moving it down) and I can click (blindly) and if I'm lucky I can manage to get the option that I want. I think the drop down menu somehow appears behind my app window and is therefore hidden?


Also as a side note I would LOVE to have the drop down menu options stay the way I leave them and not have them reset to all apps and show most recent first every time i start my quest 2 (or have the possibility to set this in setting).