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Elite Headstrap with Battery No Longer charging / showing up in hub

Level 2
After only using it about twice, the battery in my elite head strap no longer charges (no green/any light at all) and does not show up as an extended battery at all in in the toolbar in the hub.  Using all official cables, plugging the same cable directly into the Quest and not the headstrap works fine, so I know it's not the cable/outlet.  The green light was on initially, left it charging and the battery drained completely when charged via the strap.  Now it just does nothing when attempting to charge via the strap.  Contacted support a week ago via the webpage to put a ticket in, no word yet.  Saw other people had this same issue.  How did you resolve?

Level 2

Me too, only had it 3-4 weeks.  Expensive brick 😞