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Elite Strap Bungle

Level 3

So my elite strap broke yesterday, i contacted oculus support and sent the details, they send me a email with fedex details and i package it up and it gets picked up. Then the support guy emails me after it is picked up to say they can't send me another one because i am in Australia and to speak to Amazon where i puchased it.


I't already gone with Fedex, how god **bleep** stupid is this situation. So i have nothing to give Amazon if they want it back and Oculus can't send me a new one for replacement.


I don't know what to do now.


Level 6

Not sure they have a leg to stand on here.  They've entered into an agreement,  you've returned (your property) to them.


You could tell them that they are now obliged to return your faulty strap, as they have broken their side of the bargain, so if they keep it, it's theft 😉 🙂

Level 4

A precarious situation indeed.


First off I'd contact Amazon explaining the situation. They should be understanding of the situation and may contact Oculus Support on your behalf, or they might just send you an entirely new one. This would be your easiest solution.


If that doesn't work, you should email Oculus Support again asking for the item back, since it's your property that you paid for. This way, you could just send back the broken Elite Strap and get a refund/replacement.


Worst case scenario, (depending on what you used as payment) you could dispute the purchase with whoever your credit card company is, (or Paypal.) They obviously sent you a defective product and you should get your money back. For obvious reasons, please only do this if you've exhausted all other options.


Hopefully this helps!



- DominatorVIP

Level 3

So after getting no response from Oculus support about this I spent yesterday calling fedex to see if my parcel can be returned before it left the country. Still waiting to hear back at this stage. 

I also contacted Amazon about the situation gave them my oculus support ticket number and photos of the broken strap and they have been awesome. They are sending me a new one string I have already sent back the other but if fedex send me back the parcel I will send it to Amazon. Great customer service from Amazon on this kudos at least to them. 

Very good to hear! Yes, Amazon does have very good customer support, so I'm not surprised they were more then happy to send you a replacement 😁

Level 10

Yeah, there's a reason I haven't considered buying the elite strap. I mean, beyond the fact that halo style VR headbands give me a minor headache due to having to be too **bleep** tight to keep the headset stable on my face. My hair makes anything less... not helpful.

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