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Error OVR88948175

Level 2
Hello. This is my first time ever using an Oculus product.

I didnt received my oculus yet, but I downloaded the app before getting it. But sadly; when I installed it, I got this weird error at the software dowloard directory

Got it once, removed and reinstalled the app, and got the same problem and I don't know how to fix it, and this is kinda annoying. Do I need to wait to plug my VR headsed (Oculus Rift S) on my computer before ? Or how to fix this ? 

Level 7
Your windows user account probably don't have full admin rights on your computer. This might help.

Level 2
Sadly I dont realy see how to fix it 😕

Level 7
Well other possible solution is to give yourself full admin right to your account.
  • open control panel (type "control panel" to windows search box and hit enter)
  • go to "user accounts"
  • click "change account type"
  • click the account you're willing to change
  • click "change the account type"
  • select "administrator" and click "change account type".
If there are other admin users on this computer, you probably have to log in as one to do this change.

If above is something you're not willing to do - optionally you could create new local admin account and install oculus software there.

Level 2

what if i AM an administrator and cant anyway?