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Estimated Delivery Date wrong?

Level 2

I purchased the Oculus Quest 2, Elite Strap and the carry case. My order started processing pretty much right away and my account was charged the amount due for those items. But my Estimated Delivery Date is, March 4th 2021, (all three items have the same estimated date) but its now the 2nd of March and the order is still "Processing for Shipping" does that mean it may take longer than the 4th to be delivered?? Or is this normal because I got multiple items? I'm just concerned cause my money has been taken but nothing's being sent and updated even though the estimated date is near. Thank you for your time. πŸ™‚


i’m having the same issue. i ordered on the 28th and they took my money that day and it was β€œprocessing for shipping.” now, 4 days later, it’s still processing for shipping and i haven’t gotten any updates. ive tried contacting oculus support but no response. my expected delivery date is the day after tomorrow, march 5th and it hasn’t even shipped yet. i’m getting pretty steamed now.