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Extend my playtime

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Hi oculus quest 2 users im looking for an accessory to extend my playtime. The elite strap is too expensive for me and i have seen reviews that it breaks easily. Can anyone who has an oculus quest 2 and has extended there playtime give me advice on what to buy to extend mine thanks. Can’t wait to hear back for you guys.


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Probably not the solution you're looking for. But I just plug into an outlet. Battery will still drain during apps that are active. But it drains slower. But if I take a break to relax while doing something like watching Doctor Who, browsing the web, or chatting in a social app it recharges.


Granted, I need to take breaks anyway due to getting too sweaty and getting a bit tired during active apps.

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There are a lot of ways to do this, some involving buying a cheaper strap and most of the rest involve making one. Personally, I have a BoboVR M2 halo strap (about £17 from AliExpress) and I've attached a 5Ah battery pack to the rear of it (about £10 from Amazon) with a hot glue gun. A 40cm USB C cable (£1.98, Amazon again) is hot-glued around the strap frame to connect the two. That gives me up to 5 hours of runtime, which is usually way more than I want. For more time, attach a bigger battery but be aware that bigger batteries are heavier, and while the counterbalancing effect of the battery is useful, there's a sweet spot for maximum comfort.


An even cheaper alternative, if you are happy with your current strap, is a big battery pack in your pocket with a USB C lead running to the headset. A lot of people are perfectly happy this way but I prefer not to have any cables trailing around.

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I keep a small battery pack (Anker PowerCore 10000) in my Quest carrying case. If I want to keep playing beyond the limit of my Quest’s battery, I plug it in and put the battery pack in my shirt pocket. 

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