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Extension for Oculus sensor

Level 8
Hey guys, I'm after a 30cm high extension for one of my Sensor stands, basically a extension rod that will screw in to the existing setup to bring my sensor up to the height I need,  at least 30 cm and can get it in Australia. 
If any one knows or has used something that will suffice ?

Level 15
This is what I use. You can clamp it to a desk, or a shelf, etc.
Smatree Ajustable Jaws Flex Clamp Mount 13.4"
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Level 3
I used these they are 16 inches (40cm) but they did the trick.  What you can look for are tripod extensions, and have 1/4-20" threads (the common tripod connector size for camera gear).  I used a security camera wall mount and these to get my sensors on the wall. ;

Level 8
Thanks @cybereality but the clamp is not able to be used where the sensor is but I did look into those.   @skantron that's what I was after but need to check if they ship to Oz and uf they do don't charge me 5 times the amount of the product for shipping.

Level 3
Sorry, I have no idea what shipping or availability to Australia is like, but hopefully, if you can search for 1/4-20 threaded extension rod with local camera shops or sites (or places that sell security camera gear), you might be able to find something local to you.  Good Luck!

Level 7
Amazon is your friend...I think.