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Extremely odd Steam VR and Air Link issue

Level 3

I have a problem with Steam VR and Air Link, and an odd solution. Basically, Steam VR games (Alyx, DCS World, IL2, ETS2 etc) run very poorly via Air Link with juddering frame rates and poor controller tracking. However, if I plug my Rift S in at the same time, all games run extremely smoothly. I've tried rolling back a couple of desktop versions, beta and non beta paths for Steam VR and Oculus etc and it's consistent - with the Rift S unplugged, Steam VR games are unplayable via Air link, with it plugged in they are buttery smooth. I know, I don't believe me either and I certainly can't explain it. Non Steam VR games are not affected.


Obviously, I've just plugged my Rift S in and hidden it away under the desk but has anyone else come across anything similar?


I'd like to completely uninstall the oculus software so I can return it to a factory-fresh state to see if never plugging the Rift in at all helps, but my settings are cached somewhere (possibly on facebook itself?) and survive the reinstall. Does anyone know of a cleaner to get rid of all Oculus software and settings that doesn't involve a fresh install of Windows? It would take weeks to get it back to a decent state and I need it for work.