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FS2020 unusable in VR with Quest 2 on Win 11 - large black areas each time I move my head


I have serious problems with FS2020 and my Quest 2 - When I switch to VR mode in FS2020, I see large black areas on the sides when I move my head. Sometimes also, a white hourglass appears and sometimes, everything freezes.


My computer has a quite correct config : Intel I9 12th Gen - 64 Gb RAM - nVidia RTX 3070ti - 3 SSDs (samsung 980 Pro 1TB, Samsung 970 EVO 2 TB, Samsung 860 Pro 1TB).


The problem is the same if I connect the Quest 2 via USB or via Airlink


In the Oculus log window, I see a lot of red messages saying "Frame dropped due to encoder backup"


Does someone have an idea about how to solve this ?


Level 15

Win11 is not supported for the Quest 2. Have you tried testing with Win10?

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Hello sad customer,

Bad news, unfortunately your accessory (your PC) is not compatible with the main device (quest 2). I hope the next generation of oculus VR will come with a Windows 3.11 version! Fingers crossed!