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Facebook account banned

Level 2

Oculus support is atrocious. I've contacted them about this twice and they have not responded to neither email. My first email now being 4 months old. My facebook account linked to my oculus account got banned and now I cannot log into my account.  I have an Oculus Rift and have bought Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes and Beat Saber. Oculus support have asked me for my information so they can link my Oculus account to a new Facebook one. However, when I responded with the information, they just don't respond. Is there any way to contact them in a way they will 100% respond or is there anyway I can fix this on my own?


Level 4

I doubt that you can fix it on your own.  If you go to the support section where you request a ticket there is a chat option.  I'm not saying it's any better, but at least its an actual person and you can get a copy of your conversation.  Their support is designed to absolve themselves of responsibility and blame you for their crappy system.  Good luck.

Level 15

Unfortunately - more than a year after Quest 2 launched forcing the use of Facebook accounts, this issue seems as hot as ever - a user just got insta-banned trying to set up his brand new Quest 2:



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