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Facebook got hacked

Level 2

Well my Fb got hacked the hacker changed everything my Email and Password and now i cant do anything with my Quest 2 and i wanted to ask what can i do is there a way for me to get my old Account back I tried making a new one but my Quest 2 is still linked with the other account so yea..


please someone help me with the problem


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Anoschyy! We'd love to help with this account issue; however, we are only allowed to assist with Meta Quest-related issues. We recommend reaching out to Facebook directly on their official support page linked here: We'd also like to remind you that it's against Facebook's community guidelines to have more than one Facebook account per user. We wish you the best of luck and hope your account is retrieved as soon as possible.

Level 3

Level 2

i wish you all would stop referring people to facebook help page because THEY ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT HELP YOU. And if you cant access your FB account you most likely will not even be able to reach their help page. i have been dealing with this same issue for a while now. 


You need to have the Oculus support unlink your device from your FB account, then you need to set up an account directly through the Oculus website. After that you will be able to use your Oculus device. if support tells you they can't unlink your device, they are lying. they can and they did it to mine. 

Level 2

I agree, save the mental abuse that is dished out by bot driven mindless support of Facebook, only deal with Oculus. I will take you 3 clicks in Facebook support before you realise it is useless and circular.


THEY NEED TO REMOVE FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS FROM OCULUS! or at least make a primary Oculus account tat attached to a FB account.


Anyway, if you want a laugh, here is what happened to me -