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Facebooked hacked headset locked

Hi- my sons headset is locked bc my husbands Fb was hacked. We have tried to do a factory reset but when the headset comes back on it still defaults to my husbands email.  I have taken the unit back to target for an exchange but they can’t help bc it’s outside of their return policy and when I call Sony for help their closed.  I do have the extended insurance but it doesn’t kick in until day 366.  Can someone please help us with this,?


Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

Sony won't be able to help much, they have nothing to do with Facebook or Oculus.


When you set up a Quest after doing a factory reset, the account it uses is the one logged in on the mobile phone you are using for the setup. You'll need to log out of your husband's account in the Facebook app on the phone, log in to the app using whoever's account you want to use (your son's probably), then log in to the Oculus app.

Now resetting the Quest and setting it up again should be the new account.

Note though: having more than one Facebook account for one person is against the rules and call get both accounts banned. Also accounts for under 13 year olds is also against the rules.

Finally, all games are attached to the Facebook account, if you change accounts you lose everything bought so far.


If you haven't already, try submitting a support ticket, to see if they can help get the original account back.


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