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Finally Found a Solution for the Dell Inspiron 7000 Gaming Series Issue!

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EXPLANATION (Solution below)
So people who have the rift probably came to this discussion to find out how you can solve the issue with the no display and only sound when using the Dell Inspiron 7000 Gaming Series. I’ve tried from using usb hubs, to buying new headsets and even considering buying a whole new pc for the rift. I don’t want people like me to go through everything I went through and that’s why I made this discussion. It was very weird how the HTC Vive worked on the laptop while rift didn’t. And some people came to the conclusion that it didn’t work because it’s an Optimus laptop. So even if you tried to force the laptop to use the dedicated GPU, it still didn’t work. But the issue was display, nothing else. So I narrowed it down to the hdmi cord. I thought maybe the issue was with the hdmi cable and MAYBE it wasn’t receiving enough power, even though the compatibility tool said the laptop’s compatible. So I did my research and heard the the HTC Vive’s Link Box works perfectly fine with the Rift. And it also required a power source of it’s own. Making sure that it’s not the power that’s the issue. And indeed it was the solution! Make sure to read below for the details.


Buy the HTC Vive Link Box and a power source, REMEMBER! It doesn’t come with one... Then, make sure you have a spare hdmi cable laying around, if not, buy that too. Then once you got them (Should be around 40 ~47 dollars), plug in the hdmi into the port in the pc and the port in the Link Box on the side labeled ‘PC’. Then plug the power source into an outlet and on the pc side as well (Of the Link Box). When your’re done doing that, plug the headset’s hdmi cable into the ‘VR’ labeled side, which will fix the display issue. Then if you want, you can buy a male to male USB 3.0 Cable to link the USB ports of the pc and Link Box together, but if you don’t want to pay for one or don’t have one, instead of plugging the USB cable into the Link Box, just plug it in the USB port of your pc, since the sounds worked before. And there you have it!!! So far, for me it’s working great!

P.S. Once you get it working, you’ll realize it was totally worth to go through all that! 

Good of luck in your VR adventures!


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I see, so the issue is insufficient power, that makes a lot of sense.
Thank you for all you went through to figure this out, I'm sorry you went through such a hassle, but you've save me from doing the same thing.

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Thank you N1msy for your post, I can confirm that I can also finally use my Rift with my Dell Inspiron 7000 gaming laptop with the Vive link box.

For those in the UK struggling with this issue I managed to find a compatible power supply for the link box on Amazon UK here:
I picked up the Vive link box from for £26.99 plus £3 for a USB 3.0 type A to A cable.

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So I'm confused.  I have a Dell 7567, 1050Ti, i7, 8gb ram.  I just plugged the 2 sensors in and plugged the headset USB to the powershare port next to the HDMI and the headset is working.  I've only done the intro and demo.  I don't have a full game downloaded yet.  Did yours stop working once you tried a game or did the picture never show up without the Vive box?

Edit: my rift has been working fine playing games on this computer.  I'm not sure if something has been changed on the rift or what but I guess whatever the issue is doesn't affect all of these computers.

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I've tried the vive link box option and it doesn't work for me, I did everything you said to do but I'm wondering if I'm doing it wrong

Level 3
I posted this on another sub thread, but thought I'd plug it in here if it helps.

I the same problem (Dell 15 7000). I admit that some may
not see this as a solution to the same problem, but it allows me to play
Oculus games (most of them), steam vr games, and use VorpX. It also
comes at minimal cost and you can try it for free if you are skeptical.

Total Cost: 30.00.

1.) Unsupported Laptop that meets specs for appropriate VR Headset.
2.) Android Phone (I have a Note 8, I have not tested this on any others).
3.) Cheap VR Headset (I bought a 15.00 one on Amazon).
-  I'm told that Galaxy Gear VR works best, but I've had a great experience with my cheap one.
- USB Cable for your phone.
Riftcat software (You can try it for free with 10 minute limits, so
this solution is great if you don't want to invest money before knowing
for sure that it works).
4.) Revive driver (tricks SteamVR into thinking your phone is a Vive headset).
5.) Oculus account and software.
6.) SteamVr account and software.

Download Riftcat on your android phone. It also includes directions to
install on your PC, so download and install it on your PC as well.
Get a USB cable for your phone. and plug it into your phone and your
PC. Follow the directions to start the Riftcat software and make sure it
- There are a TON of settings to adjust in Riftcat to get
optimal performance. After much fiddling the display on my cheap vr
headset is better than on my Oculus Rift.
3.) Install both SteamVR and Oculus software. Login to both, and download any games you'll want play.
- At this point you can play any SteamVR title, but no Oculus ones.
- You can only play these games for 10 minute periods with the demo.
- I still wouldn't pay yet ,wait until we're done.
4.) Install Revive driver, make sure to follow the directions and test it.
- You should be able to access your Oculus games in your SteamVR home.
- You may need to plug in an xbox controller. I haven't tried this with touch controllers yet.
5.) If it all works pay 14.99 and have Riftcat without any time limits or restrictions!

hope that this at least points you in the right direction. I wanted to
really play around with it before I offered it as a solution and with
all the games I've had it works great. There are limitations, and I
haven't tried any games that require Oculus touch, but if you do I'd
love to know how that works.

Bonus: Install VorpX and play
literally any game on your PC in VR. Thi s is definitely my favorite
thing to do in VR, just replay games I already love completely immersed
in them.

The end. If this solution isn't for you I apologize.

Level 2
If the problem is the power suplly, instead of buying a HTC Vive Link Box, anyone tried with a HDMI Switch with a power supply attached to it ? 

Level 4
N1msy, thanks so much!  Your approach works for me (almost).  I normally use an Oculus-ready desktop PC for VR development, but I had been hoping that I could use my Dell Inspiron for "portable" testing, taking it with me to game clubs, etc. to get some people to try the game I have been working on.  
At first I had the exact same issue that you described:  audio worked on the Inspiron but the display was black.  With your solution it does work, although with a bit of judder.  I get a warning that says "poor tracking quality."  Do you get that warning?  I am using an older and somewhat long HDMI cable.  Do you think a shorter HDMI cable might make a difference?  Or perhaps it is the 1050i in the Inspiron.  I normally use a 970.
Thanks again.  Even with the slight issues, this solution works for me to give folks quick previews of my game and get some feedback.

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I want to share good news with newer version of Dell g5, 5587 ( probably same to 7588) works without any problems with oculus rift. No extra hardware required.

Level 2
Good News!

The vive link box just arrived did every step and everything is working.
The Orange light turned white.

Thank you so much.

my laptop model is Dell Inspiron 15 7567