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Flash Sale Cannot Buy Gaming Essentials Pack Error 2078011

Level 4

Hi all


Really annoying error - getting a purchase failed  error message 2078011 error when trying to buy the flash sale bundle. I have two of the apps. 

Never had an issue before with part bundle purchases. But it seems it is fairly common from a quick search, but support do not seem to have an answer why this happens?


Anyone else got this issue? So annoying as I’ve been waiting for some of these titles to go on sale for months! And the 2 day SLA for support response is not going to cut it before the sale runs out in 12 hours 😞 



Level 4

I am still waiting for a reply.....

Latest from me is that they (a) closed off my complaint and merged it into the existing ticket, with no response at all, and (b) received a further reply which basically just says they have no update and don’t know how to handle this. 

Ridiculous! And yet I see Facebook reported record profits last night, partially driven by oculus sales.  



Level 2

I have received several e-mail responses that all pretty much say the same thing.  "We are working on it."  Why doesn't Oculus/Facebook just open the exact same sale again for a day?  It would solve the problem.  Instead, they are stringing us all along who got the goofy error.  Perhaps we should take our case to Twitter?  Companies HATE being called out on Twitter.   

I suppose that the support agent's word means nothing then as he indicated that he would remember that I wanted to buy the bundle at that price. This is ridiculous. 

I got a $25 credit.  Seems fair and a nice gesture.  Thank you Occulus support.

Level 4

Just received this. 

Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 4.42.56 PM.png

Level 4

Still no resolution or even reply. It's to the point now where I'd be more surprised if they resolved my case than if they didn't. 

Level 4


Me neither.  I also got yet another holding email (attached). I mean what a joke this is now? What exactly are they still trying to decide? We know that store credit is sometimes given out as well as promo codes. What on earth is going on here that they cannot just issue the people affected with $30 credit.


The situation is so ridiculous that I look at new offers like the duo pack with Arizona sunshine and wonder if I should just give in and buy it. But the discount is less and the essentials pack we missed out on literally had all my must have remaining titles. 

I’m so annoyed I didn’t set my alarm for like 6am to check if the issue had been fixed, but why the heck should I have to do that to give them my money?!


I was hoping this forum page would become more active to aid our cause but I’m kind of surprised it seems like a very small number as no one else has posted. But this would mean it’s even easier for them to resolve on an individual basis?!

It's definitely frustrating that it seems to be only you and I that didn't realize it would be resolved in the middle of the night. I wish they wouldn't have fixed the issue so that more people would be contacting them and trying to get them to simply give out credit. Is it really that difficult to do that? I also wonder how much longer they will string us along before they simply tell us there is nothing they can do (which is obviously a lie). 

Level 2


 I haven't commented on this thread, but I have been following it as I had the same issue. I opened a ticket the day after the end of the sale. I had some back and forth with support, then was left hanging with the "We'll get back to you.". I had given up that I would see any resolution, but then I got this earlier today. Don't give up.