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Flash Sale Cannot Buy Gaming Essentials Pack Error 2078011

Level 4

Hi all


Really annoying error - getting a purchase failed  error message 2078011 error when trying to buy the flash sale bundle. I have two of the apps. 

Never had an issue before with part bundle purchases. But it seems it is fairly common from a quick search, but support do not seem to have an answer why this happens?


Anyone else got this issue? So annoying as I’ve been waiting for some of these titles to go on sale for months! And the 2 day SLA for support response is not going to cut it before the sale runs out in 12 hours 😞 



You are absolutely correct, we should not let this go. I am in the same boat, although I have yet to receive any message other than please patiently wait. Luckily, I have screenshots of multiple agents telling me that I WILL be able to get the bundle at the same price. Funny how difficult it is for them to simply send a promotional credit or a link to get the bundle for only specific users. To all who got the bundle in the middle of the night, count yourself lucky that you don't have to deal with wasting hours trying to get it. 

Would you mind posting a screenshot of one of these messages here, as it might aid others in their cases, so we are not fobbed off?

Sure thing! 



Level 4

Here is my conversation with support. Still waiting for a decision!








Level 4

Anyone got an update? I’ve heard nothing. My ticket is still open but they are ignoring me and have not updated it for ages now.  I’m going to open another ticket to complain about the lack of response to the first one. I’m not going to give up on this!

Level 4


Level 4

I received this email this morning. 



Thanks for sharing. How difficult is it for them to just offer store credit to the amount we lost out on?! Unbelievable they don’t have processes in place for stuff like this. At least you’ve got a holding response, they’ve just ignored me completely! 

Anyway, look forward to seeing what they do for you!

Level 4

Agreed. I understand they are likely busy, but if you have the time to write an email like that, shouldn't you have time to click a few buttons and give store credit in the amount of the savings?


As of right now, I am still waiting for a response.  

Level 4

New reply just received. And there I was thinking this was it, a resolution! But no! Another holding statement like yours - ffs!!