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Flash Sale Cannot Buy Gaming Essentials Pack Error 2078011

Level 4

Hi all


Really annoying error - getting a purchase failed  error message 2078011 error when trying to buy the flash sale bundle. I have two of the apps. 

Never had an issue before with part bundle purchases. But it seems it is fairly common from a quick search, but support do not seem to have an answer why this happens?


Anyone else got this issue? So annoying as I’ve been waiting for some of these titles to go on sale for months! And the 2 day SLA for support response is not going to cut it before the sale runs out in 12 hours 😞 



Level 2

Same error for the same reason here too.  

Level 3

Same thing here. I wish they would fix this considering how good of a deal it is. 

Level 2

Same problem near exactly. I have two games from the pack and I really wanted the pack because I was planning on buying the exact games that are in it. I have tried all platforms+ all payment methods with two cards and my PayPal and it’s just not working this is truly unfortunate and unfair. 😞

Level 2

Same issue here. Own 3/6 games and cannot make the purchase in the browser, in the app, nor with my Quest at the store. Tried two different payment methods. I was able to make another purchase, but not this one.

Level 2

Same issue here. Only 4 hours left. I also own 2 of the games already.

Level 2

same issue here, I'm only missing the table tennis game from those but it's a nice discount

Level 2

I've been getting the same error as well. Trying to purchase the Gaming Essential Pack results in the following error:
"GraphQL server responded with error 2078011: We're having trouble completing your request. Please try again."
However I am able to purchase individual games from the flash sale that are not included in the pack. 
As others have said, I also own 2 of the games that are part of the pack, so perhaps that is related.

Level 3

Well that was a joke. Sale is now gone and it was never fixed. Thanks a lot Oculus/Facebook for putting up an amazing deal that a lot of people could not even take part in. Horrible customer service!

Level 2

I just purchased the bundle after it came back online and it worked for me. Just keep checking friends 🙂

Level 3

To everyone on this thread. As of 00:22, it worked. The purchase went through. Try now if you can.