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Flipped headstraps on the Quest 2, how do I fix this?

Level 2

I am a new Quest 2 user and have only had the thing for about a month, and I'm enjoying it quite a lot! However, The other day I was playing a game, and after I had finished playing, the straps had somehow flipped themselves over (see below,) I've posted a forum on Reddit, which proved to be a mistake, checked on Youtube, which had nothing except a video that made my problems worse, and there is nothing on google. This forum and customer support are all I have at this point for a solution to this problem. I would be grateful for some help from a fellow Quest user, I know this problem is small, yet I'm still having trouble in getting it fixed XD

Here are the pictures of my flipped Quest 2: (Sorry about them being rotated, couldn't figure the editor out.)





IMG-0376 (2).jpgIMG-0377 (2).jpg




Thanks for your support!


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Ah, yes, this happens to us a lot too Furious47! What you can do, is pop off the sides of the strap that attach to the headset, rotate it so that it is back in alignment, then pop them right back onto the headset! We hope this helps! 🙂